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A biosphere reserve under siege

Tourism Nilgiris – Less is More
This is a two part story on the negative impact of mass tourism to the Nilgiri Mountains of South India. The first part is a small ground level report with inputs from key stakeholders, while the second part is the background.

The district administration in the Nilgiris is all aflutter. The news is that the President of India might be visiting the hill station. Shobana Chandrashekar, the founder of Make Ooty Beautiful (MOB), an organization which has taken on the unthankful task of cleaning up Ooty, says that cleaning operations are being ramped up in time for the visit.
Ooty town itself generates a lot of waste which finds its way into streams, canals and even into the once pristine forests. Chandrashekar says that a lot of garbage is generated from households, businesses and also from the tourists. She says that a large number of traders come up from the plains, set up their business on the sidewalks and throw their rubbish there.

In neighbouring Coonoor…

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