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The Coonoor Collective - Writers of Tea Town

I often ask myself, why I write… the answer is quite simple, because I must. There is a need to express myself; I have a story to tell and I have the means to do so- write, I mean. I am not the only one, I guess going by the number of books published and blogs on the Net. I grew up in Coonoor, then quite unknown but today unfortunately a hot destination on the tourist map. Those of us who grew up in the 1960s and the 1970s had a wonderful time playing in the stream, climbing Tenerife and raiding orchards. Our parents let us roam the hillsides and we made friends as we went along; we grew up without hate, without caste, creed and above all no class barriers. Is it any wonder that our tea town has a number of writers who write about the “wonder years” and of course some others who just, well, write, which has become so much easier to do, nowadays as there are indie publishers and social media platforms to blog. 

Just to put that in perspective, according to Blogging industry statistics, …

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